Operating System Doubles As A Fantastic Resume

Operating System Doubles As A Fantastic Resume

Developer Mathieu Passenaud got ahead of the curve by building a piece of software to stand in as his CV

Ivanha Paz
  • 9 september 2016

Getting the attention of potential employers can be difficult, especially when there are hundreds of resumes that look similar to your own. French developer Mathieu Passenaud decided to stand out by showcasing his skills, building an operating system that is actually his resume (a rather fantastic resume, at that).

“This is one of the most useless idea I’ve ever had — making an operating system that only shows my resume,” Passenaud stated on his website. However, it is an idea that is garnering a significant amount of positive attention. He used part of an OS he had built as a hobby while he was in school and tweaked it to make a resume.

The OS itself is simple, only showing his resume by multithreading, text, console, pagination, interruption, and exceptions.

resume operating system

If you’re curious about how a resume operating system runs, you may download it onto your computer yourself with his ISO file.

Mathieu Passenaud

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