This Perfume Is Meant To Stimulate Your Creativity

This Perfume Is Meant To Stimulate Your Creativity
Latin America

Advertising Agency McCann celebrated their 70th anniversary with the power of smell

Leroy Soeterboek
  • 7 september 2016

Uruguayan creative advertising agency McCann Montevideo has celebrated its 70th anniversary in the South American country by formulating the I CANN Eau de Créativité. The limited edition fragrance is reported to stimulate creativity for those that smell it.

“In our research, we determined that creativity is completely emotional and with no logical process,” explains Leándro Gómez, McCann Montevideo’s CEO and general creative director. “We also learned that scents are a powerful medium to convey emotions—in fact, 75 percent of our emotions are connected to scents that immediately take us back to very specific moments of our lives.”

The citric notes found in I CANN are not for everyday spritzing, in fact, there is strict instruction only to release the odor when a big idea is uncovered. The concept would be to make a sensory association with the lightbulb moment and the perfume. Science and reason would then point to the possibility that a little whiff later one might help push you toward another creative ta-da.



Take heed of the name, I CANN, as it points to the ability of any individual to harness and build their creative prowess.

McCann Montevideo

+McCann Montevideo

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