Brands such as eBay and Netflix are reviving the medium to engage consumers—but it's proven easier said than done

Branding in the digital age means establishing an omni-channel presence comprising a rich and diverse media ecosystem, all the while sustaining a consistent identity throughout the different channels. And though the various touch points through which brands engage with consumers have their own sets of unwritten rules, learning their inner mechanics is critical to establishing a collective personality throughout the differing outlets.

Blogging, social media, physical ads and newsletters are some proven methods of boosting outreach and recognition, and have evolved from a marketing strategy to an utmost necessity. But to truly stick in the minds of consumers, companies will have to craft unique experiences that push the boundaries of current-gen advertising. Going against the grain of ‘bite-sized’ and interactive content, companies are now beginning to dabble with podcasts, which require listeners to tune in for the long haul, making it harder for companies to be direct with their messaging.

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