Pop-Up Restaurants In Mobile Dead Zones Help Diners Reconnect

Pop-Up Restaurants In Mobile Dead Zones Help Diners Reconnect

The paper and cutlery company Dixie is creating a series of cafes in LA that help people focus on conversation and human connection

Azalea Pena
  • 19 september 2016

Dinner time has long been an important time for family and friends to dine together and reconnect. When smartphones were brought to the table, the story changed entirely. Dixie’s “Deadzone Diners” is a new pop-up experience aimed at helping diners get rid of their phones and focus on making memories with friends and family.

Created in partnership with advertising company Droga5, “Deadzone Diners” is a restaurant without a service signal, encouraging every person to be present in the moment and their company.


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Droga5 Creative Director Devon Hong explained to Adweek the positive things that come from not being able to access cell signal. “Rather than being something negative, we want people to start looking at these spaces as a little sanctuary for you to spend quality time with other people,” Hong said.

Do dead zones even exist? Yes, they still do and this is what Dixie was out looking for in creating these pop-up diners. The company used an app to measure the connectivity levels in different locations to determine the quality of service.

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Dixie ended up with three locations: The Vault in Downtown LA, Bronson Cave in Hollywood Hills and Canyon Park in the Santa Monica Mountains. Although these chosen locations aren’t places that people frequent, opening up the diners on specific dates helped entice diners to pay the restaurants a visit. On August 26-28th when the three diners were opened, over 1,000 customers enjoyed the “Great Food. No Service” offering.

Just to make things even more enjoyable, Dixie called on Chef Carla Hall to introduce some delicious recipes both in the diner and at the website. Her recipes was made available to diners in the restaurants and aside from that, the recipes are freely available for anyone who wants to recreate the dish at home.

Dixie Deadzone Diners

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