In Brief

Home cooks will be able to control timer and temperature of kitchen appliances automatically and receive notifications when their food is ready

Drop is an innovative recipe platform for home bakers that includes the Drop Recipes app with step-by-step interactive guides. The Drop Scale, which can rescale quantities, substitute ingredients, offer in-recipe tips and share recipes and photos online. The company’s next step is partnering with kitchen appliance brand Bosch to create a connected oven that integrates with their platform.

The company has made some changes that will enable owners to send settings to appliances from within the app. With the new connected oven, you can choose a recipe from the Drop Recipes app and the oven will automatically set to the correct temperature based on what has been selected. Once the food has cooked, the connected oven will switch itself off and send another notification to let you know time is up. You can also control different settings—including the timer and temperature—remotely from the phone.

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