Dirty Lemon is streamlining its communication by letting customers place orders, ask product questions and request help exclusively through chat

Before the internet, if you wanted to restock your favorite beverage you had to go to the store and pick some up. Now, all people need to do is fill out a form and have their desired items delivered to their door. Specialty drink brand Dirty Lemon thinks it should be even easier and faster than that: just a quick text message is enough to get your regular order started.

Dirty Lemon holds all of their interactions with their customers through text, streamlining the process without locking customers into a reoccurring subscription. In this way, customers can decide how much product want to buy without having to stress about affording a subscription fee or finishing their first order in time. Dirty Lemon worked with cloud communication system Twilio to craft its texting system, allowing for quick automated replies to basic queries and requests, like re-ordering, but will forward all inquiries to a customer service representative if a more complicated message is received. Customers can ask about which drink will best suit their needs, request help with a delivery problem, or even ask for more product information. All responses are sent via mobile.

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