Driving Barista is a new app that encourages Japanese motorists to put their phones down as they drive

Some people will do anything for their morning cup of coffee, and Japanese car manufacturer Toyota is using that to make the road a safer place. In collaboration with coffee chain Komeda’s Coffee and telecommunications company KDDI Corporation, Driving Barista is a new free app for iOS and Android that rewards Japanese drivers who don’t check their phones with a cup of free coffee.

The app is activated when a person flips their phone over and begins driving, using the phone’s gyro sensor and GPS to sense if the phone has been moved and the distance driven. Once the driver hits their first 100km (and 200km every time after), they receive a coupon for a free coffee. If they lift their phone up, however, the counter resets to 0 and they will lose all previous progress. The app currently only works in Aichi Prefecture, which has had the highest number of car accidents in Japan for the last 13 years.

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