A Shoe Concierge Will Repair Your Footwear Wherever You Are

A Shoe Concierge Will Repair Your Footwear Wherever You Are

Cobbler Concierge is an on-demand service where you can schedule service from anywhere using your phone

Jennifer Passas
  • 30 september 2016

Cobblers, one of the world’s oldest professions, once found on street corners in cities and towns throughout America, are now a rarity. Finding a good cobbler is harder now than ever before. However, a luxury online service called Cobbler Concierge is not only providing an immediate solution for the cobbler search, it is revolutionizing the cobbler experience through technology with fast, on-demand service.

PSFK had the opportunity to catch up with Cobbler Concierge’s CEO Carolyn Blair to talk about the success and rapid growth of the business.

When asked about how the idea for Cobbler Concierge come about she answered, saying that “it came from the fact that people are so busy these days and we all need shoe repair, but it’s not a lot of fun to go out and find a cobbler, drop off your shoes and then have to go pick them up. We asked why not be able to do this in a really seamless way?”

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Cobbler Concierge has two ways to send your shoes and handbags in for repair: the Text Us option and the Trust Us option. The Text Us option is great for anyone who doesn’t have the time to fill out an order form and wants to get in touch directly with the company. By texting SHOES (74637) with a photo of your accessories and a description of the issue the team at Cobbler Concierge will figure out what needs to be done and send a subtotal. After choosing the service you want, a prepaid label or box will be sent to ship your accessories into the company.

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The Trust Us option is great for those who want to send their accessories off immediately and figure out the details later. By paying for the shipping upfront Cobbler Concierge sends you a prepaid label and box for you accessories and you fill in a form online to detail the damage. Once your package is received the cobblers will assess and suggest services and you then choose the ones you want.

Blair explained that “our warehouse is in Queens, where we do all our work. Our cobblers all work there alongside our onsite customer service team that is able to provide high-level immediate service.” The service takes between 7-10 days and the company will ship your goods back to wherever you need them to go within the United States. Service for men’s shoes start at $40/pair, women’s shoes at $15 a pair and handbags at $30/bag.

A big part of Cobbler Concierge’s business is craftsmanship. Blair expands, noting that the company was “really conscious of looking at the craftsmanship and history and brought on a Chief Cobbler Officer who works with the team to ensure quality.” The company has partnered with the Rocco Family who have an over 80-year tradition of cobbling at their Midtown store in Manhattan.

Like a lot of artisan crafts, cobbling is something you learn through apprenticeship. “A lot of our employees grew up in the business, training since their late teens. One area we are working on currently is putting in place a mentorship program for people interested in getting into cobbling,” Blair explains.

On the wave of their initial success, Blair says that the company is “really excited to create a real ecosystem around luxury leather goods from products to repair to customization. We are interested in the entire life around the goods and how technology and dynamic interaction can pair excellent craftsmanship with quick and reliable customer service.”

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With changing consumer needs and expectations Cobbler Concierge has been able to marry modern technology with heritage and craftsmanship in a unique and very accessible way that is serving a big gap in the market.

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