A Clock That Beautifully Manages Your Information Overload

A Clock That Beautifully Manages Your Information Overload

The wall-mounted timekeeper is made to help people maintain focus and stay up to date with their appointments

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 23 september 2016

At first ‘glance,’ this clock is disguised as an analog timekeeper—but the connected device is capable of far greater feats, sending users push notifications throughout the day such as meeting reminders, fitness tracking, UBER alerts, traffic calculations, Google Calendar events from your mailbox, weather updates, high priority occasions and so forth. The face of the Glance Clock springs to life with colorful visuals when presenting a notification, and it can even sync with smart home products such as Amazon’s Alexa.

While PSFK has previously covered another smart clock that handles information overload, the main distinction between the Ingrein Clock and the Glance Clock beyond their respective wood and fabric-based finishes is their primary focus.


Whereas the Ingrein Clock was fashioned to remind you of key events throughout the day while filtering out extraneous materials, the Glance Clock plays with the idea of ‘clock-as-interface,’ letting you color-code your contacts for fast and easy recognition or expressing the weather by digitally painting mother nature’s mood.

Ultimately the two share similar functionality, but the Ingrein Clock prioritizes productivity by cutting through notifications of lesser importance, and the Glance Clock prefers a design-minded approach. The latter has about a month left on Indiegogo, and has quadrupled its reach goal with a super-early bird starting at $99 USD. Estimated shipping is in February of 2017.


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