Snap A Selfie To Verify Your Financial Identity

Snap A Selfie To Verify Your Financial Identity
Financial Services

The British bank's mobile app uses facial recognition technology to protect business account access

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 14 september 2016

HSBC will now allow business customers to verify their financial identity by taking a selfie through the bank’s smartphone app. The new practice allows customers to take a photo of their face on an iOS or Android phone and have it be cross-referenced with their passport or driver’s license.  This goes a step beyond the biometric verification used by companies that favor fingerprint and voice identification over traditional passwords.

The bank’s app will use facial tracking technology to ensure the selfie matches up with the customer’s identifying documents. The process will be similar to Mastercard’s “Identity Check” facial recognition program, which allows users to authorize online payments by taking a selfie.


Featured image: students take a self portrait via Shutterstock

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