Why A Social Networking Site Decided To Rebrand

Why A Social Networking Site Decided To Rebrand

Meetup, a platform that connects like-minded individuals, has taken steps to stay relevant amongst millennials

Kiran Umapathy
  • 29 september 2016

Social networking and event platform Meetup has launched significant changes to its app and service for the first time in six years.

Major updates include a new browsing experience with more intelligent personal recommendations, the ability to filter Meetups in a city based on what’s new, trending, or happening soon, plus a simplified UI that uses swiping motions and makes it easier to join, RSVP, or start a Meetup. The iOS app was also completely rewritten from scratch in Swift programming language to keep the company at the forefront of native app development.

“Access to worlds became our mantra during the redesign process, and we focused on unlocking the best of Meetup by connecting more of our members to the right experience for them,” Jen Gergen, Meetup’s design director, brand & identity, told PSFK. “That means an immersive discovery experience that shows what you’ve been missing—what’s new, trending, or happening soon.”

The changes come as a direct result of the company knowing that the apps weren’t engaging users and candid feedback from younger employees who explained why they weren’t fans of the app and didn’t relate to the brand.

meetup-app social networking site rebrand

Meetup’s design team worked alongside NYC design firm Sagmeister & Walsh to create a whole new look for the Meetup brand, giving it a bolder, more attractive, and colorful look that appeals to millennial users.


The firm started by visualizing the core of what Meetup does (bring individuals together into groups) to create a new logo formed by individual dots uniting to create the “m” symbol.

meetup-logo social networking site
The visual identity takes inspiration from animals that gather in groups to move from place to place. Much like that, the team decided that meetups aren’t that different in that they are groups of people who meet for an activity. Each Meetup can be thought of a different swarm, made unique by the people who join and their shared interests. It is a brand built by the crowd and constantly evolving with its audience.

“This new look finally represents the energy and dynamism of Meetup so that our outsides finally match our insides,” added Gergen.

In addition to the logo work, Meetup introduced a bright new color palette that appears throughout new apps for iOS and Android, and in photos that represent each of Meetup’s 24 categories.


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