Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz, in partnership with Chef's Cut Real Jerky, creates an automated snack delivery system

Drone usage has grown ubiquitous in mainstream culture, yet most applications of the technology aren’t practical for the common consumer- that is, unless you’re looking for a handy, drone-powered snack tray for beef jerky.

Chef’s Cut Real Jerky has done just that in constructing JerkyBot, the world’s first flying snack tray co-created by Boston Red Sox slugger, David Ortiz. The autonomous device is linked to a user’s body (in this case Ortiz’s), thus following him at a proper distance and height to allow for easy and efficient jerky consumption as the designated hitter goes about his day-to-day business. While Chef’s Cut has no future plan to mass-produce the one-off device, the campaign has certainly generated buzz for the brand,  garnering over seven million views and reposts of the original Facebook video.

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