Sony’s New Home Assistant Bot Is Taking On Amazon Echo

Sony’s New Home Assistant Bot Is Taking On Amazon Echo

The prototype device uses voice recognition to control devices in a connected space

Leo Lutero
  • 7 september 2016

Sony has revealed their very own assistant bot and it’s called the Xperia Agent. Just like Amazon Echo, it listens to voice commands and responds via AI. It also connects to smart appliances so you can order a cup of coffee even before stepping into the kitchen.

However, unlike the display-free Echo, the Agent has a built-in projector so it can show content like weather forecasts on a nearby wall. It also has a camera which allows it to respond to gestures and take video calls. During the IFA 2016, Engadget reports the tabletop device “served” coffee to guests produced by a connected expresso machine.

No word yet on availability but the Xperia Agent would be an awesome vessel to show off Sony’s own artificial intelligence and connected home technologies.


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