An interactive website lets you alter the flavor of beer based on what you are hearing

In the race for brands to create experiences as immersive as possible, Stella Artois has taken a leap forward with its most recent digital ad experience. The beer brand and its creative agency Sid Lee worked with integrated production company Tool of North America to create an interactive music video. The goal of the experience, Le Savoir, is to enhance the flavor notes of Stella Artois for its fans.


The music video features two music tracks that are meant to influence the beer's flavors: high pitched for sweet and fruity and low pitched for bitter and hoppy. Beer enthusiasts can shift between the two worlds of flavor as they listen to the music. The experience was crafted on the principle of crossmodal science to manipulate the viewer's sense of taste. This technology is based on the research of renowned crossmodal expert, Professor Charles Spence, at Oxford University.

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