The retail outlet features designers who create experimental products that stray from the typical rules of functionality

Online store Jouw offers a selection of unique, bespoke, and experimental cutlery and dishware. The products are exclusive artist collaborations with Steinbeisser, the organizer of the 2012 ‘Experimental Gastronomy’ initiative to bring chefs and artists together.

The pieces on Jouw don’t follow the typical rules of functionality, instead challenging diners to reconsider preconceptions about the relationship between tableware and the user. They have been created by designers including Deborah Rudolph, Maki Okamoto, Matthias Dyer, Nils Hint, Stian Korntved Ruud, Stuart Cairns, Tala Yuan, and Tatjana Giorgadse. The products include a beetle plate made of recycled gemstones and metal, and a spanner spoon made from recycled cutlery and tools collected from junk yards.

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