Streaming Service Provides Endless Original Music For Free

Streaming Service Provides Endless Original Music For Free

Web-based service synthesizes an infinite loop of trance, liquid funk, and more for any device

Johan Friedner
  • 13 september 2016

In the midst of artificially intelligent automation, computer algorithms are rapidly adopting more human capabilities such as talking, driving and even the process of thinking itself. The web-based streaming service Mubert adds musical composing to this list as it is able to produce an endless stream of original electronic music in real time.

The instrumental beats are an excellent way to enhance focus especially when looking to meet work or school deadlines.

By simply entering an email address, users can instantly connect to the streaming service to listen with any device. Mubert’s ability to constantly serve new music creates new market opportunities while competitors such as Spotify and Pandora are tied to copyright protection laws and the ongoing creativity of music-makers. Potential monetization models could include providing video-streamers or public spaces with non-copyrighted original music.

mubert streaming service music

Mubert can currently create infinite melodies in six different genres, including trance, ambient, liquid funk, deep house, trap, and chill step with plans to cover a lot more genres in the future.


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