Tech Job Site Created Just For Those Who Are Older Than 30

Tech Job Site Created Just For Those Who Are Older Than 30

A new occupational job board presents a creative solution to age discrimination in the tech world

Jiwon Kim
  • 29 september 2016

Undoubtedly, the tech field is a great place to go for smart millennials. Tech companies are fairly successful in recruiting the best talent and providing some of the best compensation packages around. However, another well-known fact is that it is a difficult field for older generations to break into.  John Wheeler found himself in this situation as a 37-year-old and decided to create a website filled with job opportunities not narrowly targeting only young programmers. Old Geek Jobs is the clever, straightforward title for the tech job board created on a whim.Despite the spontaneity, Wheeler is taking this project seriously and is working on making the site more accessible to both companies and prospective hires. He hopes that this site will allow older applicants to feel more comfortable knowing that these companies are open to any of all ages. The job hunt is rough to begin with, so this simple idea may be able to accomplish a lot.

Old Geek Jobs

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