The peanut-shaped device can also be linked with smart thermostats to automate when heat or air conditioning activates

Developed by smart home company, the ThermoPeanut is a tiny, peanut-shaped sensor that tracks the temperature of the room in which it is placed. The device is able to connect directly with iOS and Android devices using Bluetooth technology, and it reports its temperature readings back to an accompanying app, called SensePeanut, allowing consumers to better track their home environment.

The ThermoPeanut is relatively versatile — it can measure temperatures ranging from -5 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. According to, it can also do more than just measure and spit back the temperature. Owners can connect the ThermoPeanut, which retails for $29, with Nest Thermostats to automate when their heat or air conditioning is turned on, based on when the temperature drops below or rises above a set figure.

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