Overcome Your Addictions With The Power Of Data

Overcome Your Addictions With The Power Of Data

Dependn' is a new app that helps people store information about their habits and use that to improve their lives

Jiwon Kim
  • 21 september 2016

For some serious dieters, part of their program includes always keeping track of food and workout sessions. Keeping track of this information is a good way to stay informed about two of the most important factors that determine health and weight. In a similar sense, keeping track of addictions and addictive habits can help individuals kick certain behaviors. David Miotti recognized the significance of this idea and created an app called Dependn.’

The app helps users store information and use that information to improve their lives.

Dependn’ has the ability to take the information inputted and analyze behaviors. The data also can be sent straight to the doctor in a spreadsheet format. Users input information regarding what they are craving, the intensity of their craving and if they chose to give in to the craving.

David Miotti explains, “By following my consumption on a daily basis, as well as my feelings and the intensity of my cravings, my addictologist was able to see patterns in my behavior. She helped me to concentrate on consumptions that I was able to reduce or replace.”



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