The miniature models have become veteran yogis in a new line of redesigned action figures

Yoga Joes has released a line of toy soldiers holding advanced yoga poses like Scorpion, King Pigeon, and Lotus Headstand (spherical helmet variation). To get the soldiers to balance properly, founder and designer Dan Abramson even recruited a yoga teacher to correct their forms, “as if they were teaching a private class to a bunch of small, green plastic-helmeted people.”

The set of six soldier yogis are the “greatest display of flexibility ever molded into rigid ABS plastic,” and will retail for $25. The original set of Yoga Joes features eight figurines holding more basic poses, like Downward Dog and Tree Pose, all in perfect alignment. Yoga Joes are meant to inspire people to try yoga, offer a less violent spin on the classic toys…and make you laugh—because let's face it: that little army guy holding Firefly is pretty ridiculous.

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