Turn Your Favorite Tweets Into Comic Strips

Turn Your Favorite Tweets Into Comic Strips
Social Media

Artist Jamie Tanner will immortalize your most memorable words by transforming them into an illustrated story

Laura Yan
  • 6 september 2016

Cartoonist and illustrator Jamie Tanner will turn your best tweets into an everlasting, illustrated comic strip. Tanner has launched a Kickstarter for the project where you can pledge $10 or more to see your tweets come to illustrated life.  Participants are invited to submit tweets—the perfect length for a short comic—or other social media posts from Facebook or Instagram.

The final product will be a short book that includes all of the illustrated tweets.


Some might be lightly edited for length, or if a subtle change in wording that will make for a better comic.


Tanner has done a series of illustrated tweets previously called Always On Brand, which adapted promoted tweets into surreal comic strips.

Illustrated Tweets

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