The car-hailing apps are launching new initiatives to cater to an older audience

Senior citizens, particularly those who live alone, can benefit a lot from on-demand car apps. However, studies have found that these individuals find fumbling around with apps and the like to be a challenge. To welcome seniors, Uber and Lyft are partnering with home care providers to let seniors enjoy hassle-free car hailing.

Perfect for scheduled trips to the doctor’s office, the local grocery, the pharmacy or even leisure trips, it’s meant to make the lives of the seniors easier.

Car hailing company Greatcall, along with Home Care Assistance, has partnered with Lyft, to help down the barrier for seniors using personal operators. Uber, on the other hand, partnered with 24 Hr Home Care. This will allow seniors to phone an operator on speed dial and request a ride, creating a human link between the individual and the app.

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