An experiential installation at the UN General Assembly reminds us why every child matters

At the beginning of the General Assembly this week, UNICEF unveiled an installation at the Secretariat Building. Labeling it a' time machine,' this interactive box was built in partnership with Domestic Data Streamers in order tell a story utilizing data. The purpose of this project is to get people to understand the needs of children and the importance of collecting data on all children around the world.

The time machine itself is a mirrored box that has room for only one person. The mirrors comprising of the time machine's exterior blend in with the environment while capturing the attention of those walking by. It is a little intimidating to enter at first, but there is someone from UNICEF gently guiding people to step into this box. Once you step in, the door closes behind you and that action activates the experiential journey. A steady female voice takes you back to your childhood, urging you to recreate your favorite drawing as a child and asking personal questions like who your best friends were. In less than five minutes, there is a beautiful musical composition that surrounds you, as the time machine takes your responses and creates a song just for you.

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