The new video and billboard content advocates for the simplicity of peer-to-peer money sending

Sending money through the internet has never been easier: from banking apps like Chase’s Quickpay to Snapchat’s Snapcash, peer-to-peer money sharing is just as simple as sending an email. But arguably this sense of ease originated with Venmo, the money-sharing app whose interface is not unlike that of a social media feed, encouraging users to see who their Facebook friends are perpetually indebted to.

Venmo just launched its first-ever ad campaign called “Pony Up.” It kicked off with a nationwide TV ad, a humorous expose on the post-dining stress of going out with friends. The thirty second spot, which premiered on the streaming service Hulu and other cable-bound properties, shows four friends figuring out a solution to their happy hour bill by simply “ponying up.”

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