Streethacker is a platform for restaurant enthusiasts to create and share bite-sized, ten second clips

A San Francisco based start-up has launched a new way for users to review local restaurants, bars and hangout spots. Borrowing from Snapchat‘s quick, minuscule interface, the iOS app Streethacker allows reviewers to snap short videos and share their dining experience and dinging recommendations with other foodies. Users can compile different clips together, along with voice commentary and text, to create a ten second review.

Streethackers can also build up a following if they establish themselves as trustworthy food critics. The interface is simple enough for hungry patrons just looking for a bite to eat: you can search for nearby spots by cuisine, restaurant, food and distance. For those overwhelmed with Yelp‘s text-heavy reviews, Streethacker’s video interface provides visual context for wholesome, regret-free dining out.

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