The fully-automated vehicles are part of a development project to help improve safety for workers

In the Kristineberg Mine, 100 kilometers from Arvidsjaur in northern Sweden, the world’s first autonomous trucks are being tested 1,300 meters underground. The entirely self-driving truck from Volvo is taking a leading role in the opportunities that autonomous technology could provide.

Volvo Group has released a film showing the truck’s ability to drive in harsh conditions, navigating narrow mine tunnels and stopping when it senses obstacles in its way.

Using laser sensors placed on all four corners of the truck, the truck is able to sense where a human might be standing. The sensor technology gives the vehicle a very robust and safe system for its route while operating in the mine. The truck can drive a 7 kilometer route from the loading area to the crusher site, where it unloads all materials and then returns back into the mine’s shafts.

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