A philanthropist has enlisted a McLaren Formula 1 designer to create an all-terrain vehicle for humanitarian use in Africa

IKEA bookshelves, kitchen cupboards and beds are known as flatpack objects that can be assembled at home. Formula 1 designer Gordon Murray, known for creating the McLaren F1, has added a boxy truck to the list of flat-packed items with the world's first large vehicle that can be shipped like IKEA furniture. The truck called the OX, was funded and designed for philanthropist Torquil Norman and his company, Global Vehicle Trust.

Inspired by the Africar, a lightweight, all-terrain vehicle that was a flash in the pan in 80s, the OX is the first truck that can be economically packed and shipped. The flatpack truck breaks down into 60 pieces that can be shipped easily and cheaply to developing nations such as Africa. The OX has targeted Africa as its initial market due to the scarcity of reliable ground transportation.

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