Hello Neighbor is an upcoming PC adventure whose antagonist gets more cunning after every move the player makes in order to protect his secret basement

As video game technology advances, so too do the games themselves, adding new and innovative features to keep gameplay fresh. Case in point, Hello Neighbor is a PC horror video game that learns from your every move and shifts its strategy accordingly.

Developed by Tinybuild and Dynamic Pixels, this tactical puzzle-like game places the user as a resident in a small town. The neighbor across the street has started acting peculiar, boarding up the door to his basement. Whether he is trying to keep something out or keep someone in, it is up to the player to uncover the mystery by breaking into said neighbor’s home. Players win the game once they finally make it inside the mysterious basement and find out what secrets their neighbor is keeping. They can set up traps to slow down the neighbor, barricade themselves inside rooms, and explore a variety of rooms and crawl spaces.

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