The manufacturer is trying to make each trip in the air more tech-friendly for passengers

As the internet grows not just digitally, but also in various pockets of the world where it previously hasn’t (think bus stops and subways), the ability to get online and scour the web for information has never been easier. Looking to parallel this rapid development, Boeing’s Commercial Planes’ Product Development team is now experimenting with new ideas to bring connectivity to the modern day aircraft.

Recent tests of a networked ‘smart cabin’ interior mock-up reveal new ways to order food and drinks, check bathroom availability and manage lighting options through a flyer’s smartphone, smart watch, or tablet. Note that passenger devices aren’t supplied for the flight, rather they’re the same ones they use on a daily basis. By linking up via secure chips located near each feature—a completely separate system from the electronics used for flight that doesn’t require Wi-Fi—users can then change the settings to match their preferences. Eventually these chips will be programmed to inform on-the-ground service teams about necessary maintenance, streamlining the repair process to ensure more timely flights and overall customer satisfaction moving forwards.

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