Alcohol Alternative Claims To Never Give You A Hangover

Alcohol Alternative Claims To Never Give You A Hangover

Alcosynth recreates the pleasant effects of having a drink without the short and long term physical consequences

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 6 october 2016

If you’ve ever regretted a night of drinking because of the massive hangover that followed, you might have sworn off alcohol. A new substance called Alcosynth—a alcohol alternative of sorts— might be the answer to getting the buzz you want without the dreaded morning after.

Created by Professor David Nutt of Imperial College, the chemical compounds mimic the pleasant effects of alcohol, stimulating specific brain activity without affecting the areas that led to the less-than-desirable after effects. As Nutt explains to The Independent, the substance will also prevent some of the long-term physical ailments caused by a lifetime of drinking: “It will be there alongside the scotch and the gin, they’ll dispense the alcosynth into your cocktail and then you’ll have the pleasure without damaging your liver and your heart.”

Nutt has created 90 variants of the substance, with two currently being test. He believes that by 2050 Alcosynth will replace the alcohol we typically consume.

David Nutt

Featured image: Orange cocktail via Shutterstock

+David Nutt

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