The platform adds a challenge to the game by making players set and keep up with the tempo

As if playing ping pong or table tennis isn’t difficult enough, this game poses a new challenge to all ping pong enthusiasts and professionals. The Ping Pong FM game is a musical take on table tennis,  making sure you keep the ball in play to keep the correct tempo of the music.

Freelance creative director Mark Wheeler is the brains behind Ping Pong FM, which shares similarities to “Guitar Hero,” a game where players get to play guitar and drums. In this case, ping pong players duke it out both sports and music wise. Play must be continuous to keep the music going. If the ball slows down, the music also slows down. Contact microphones are attached to the paddles and send signals to the Arduino installed in the retro radio case, which is how the  radio knows how to control the music.

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