Highland Park Scotch Whisky & Sixpoint Brewery have teamed up to create two limited-edition pairings for New York City boilermakers

Sixpoint, New York based brewery whose motto is “Beer is Culture” has recently partnered with iconic UK-based whisky distiller Highland Park to create two special beers, the Rune and the Sköll, that pair perfectly with the company's Scotch Whiskies.

Why have they done this? To capitalize on the ever-growing popularity of boilermakers, where a spirit and beer are sipped alongside one another. “The Sixpoint formulation method starts with a clear concept of what a beer could be, then uses a knowledge of the craft to turn that into reality,” said Keir Hamilton, Sixpoint Brewer. “Here our starting point was the complex flavors of Highland Park whisky and from there we used various ingredients and processes to make beers that emulate and also complement the whiskies.

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