The yellow bike based on a Lamborghini has sharp edges and an aluminum alloy frame

Custom urban bicycles designer Viks handcrafts the frames in its Viksfactory in Tallinn, Estonia from start to finish using special stainless steel tubes, joints and laser cut parts. The new Viks GT gets its inspiration from the Lamborghini, making the bike a more accessible version for people who dream of owning the supercar.

The new sharp-looking bike is a reinvention for Viks, which set out to reinvent the bicycle three years ago. This Lamborghini version has the same geometry and size as regular Viks bicycles, but for the first time it is made entirely out of aluminum alloy, resulting in it being 40% lighter than the standard Viks. This has also given the designers the opportunity to enter the attractive market of sub 10kg urban commuters.

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