BMW’s Self-Balancing Motorcycle Doesn’t Require A Helmet

BMW’s Self-Balancing Motorcycle Doesn’t Require A Helmet

The artificially intelligent bike keeps its driver safe and in control at all times

Jennifer Passas
  • 17 october 2016

As a celebration of being 100 years in the transportation business, BMW has been featuring innovative concepts for a number of their brands. To go along with a future where cars drive themselves, BMW has envisioned an artificially intelligent motorcycle, called the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100, that looks like it should be parked in the Batcave alongside the Batmobile.


The Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 is built from a single ‘flexframe’ carbon fibre shell that extends from the front to the rear wheel. The frame, which has no bearings or joints, responds dynamically when the driver turns the handlebars, relaxing and stiffening to any slight change. To go along with the future-forward frame, the bike will have a zero emissions drivetrain that is compact when the bike is stationary and will extend outward, to enhance aerodynamics and help protect the rider from the elements, with increased speed.

One of the truly remarkable aspects of the bike are its drive assistance features that continually monitor the environment, the route, speed, and angle of lean to ensure the rider doesn’t crash. Gyroscopes keep the bike upright when it’s stationary so it isn’t able to fall over when stopped. The bike also has traction control, hill start assist, and antilock brakes.

Additionally, the bike will be able to interact and respond to the rider and environment through a pair of googles the driver wears. The goggles are able to display information for the driver to read to ensure optimal performance and safety.

BMW motorrad

Self-Balancing Motorcycle goggles

To ensure the riders match the design and sophistication of the bike BMW has created a lightweight, flexible suit that cools or heats the rider while enhancing comfort and posture. If the suit senses danger it can vibrate against the driver’s skin as a warning.

Unlike other conceptual motorcycles, humans do remain in charge of this bike. Its artificial intelligence will help keep the biker safe and build confidence as the driver is still in control and able to push and grow as a rider.

bmw bike goggles

For all of its futuristic elements the bike does give a nod to history with some classic BMW design elements. The black triangular shape of the frame and white stripes are inspired by the R23, BMW’s first ever motorcycle in 1923.

Self-Balancing Motorcycle bmw bike

BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100

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