St. Eriks Brewery created crisps made from rare mushrooms to go with its artisan beer, donating all proceeds to charity

If you walk into any bar in the world, most likely you’ll be able to find an ale that can suit your palate. After you’ve ordered a drink, you might want to pair it with something salty (mixed nuts, french fries or chips), to round out the experience. Last week, microbrewery St. Eriks decided to launch a box of limited edition potato chips to add luxury to the pleasures of simple bar fare.

Swedish microbrewery St. Eriks partnered with master chef Pi Le to craft six potato chips created with matsutake mushrooms, and a rare truffle seaweed from the Faroe Islands that inhabits cold tidal waters. The snacks come with a nice price tag:  $11.20 per chip or $56 for the entire box.

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