Glasshour is an establishment that provides free coffee and pastries and charges for the time guests spend there

Have you ever spent hours in a coffee shop, only to wonder how you racked up such a high bill buying drinks? Glasshour is a new cafe that is looking to take a fresh approach to monetizing: the coffee is free because you pay by the hour.

The Brooklyn location has decided to charge for the time spent there, whether that's enjoying the ambiance, the food or the games they provide. The first hour is $6, though it is a base rate, so even just stopping in for a few minutes will cost the same as running out the time. Every minute after is ten cents, and after four hours (or about $24) you can continue to stay for free. While it might not be as cost-effective for those looking to do work, it provides a comfortable atmosphere with games and refreshments for groups looking to get out of their apartments.

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