Campaign Visualizes 580 Reasons Why Everyone Should Vote

Campaign Visualizes 580 Reasons Why Everyone Should Vote

A series of posters uses design to push people into action on election day

Jiwon Kim
  • 10 october 2016

Many people love talking about the elections and their candidate of choice while not acting upon their opinions and feelings. Recent presidential elections have seen a bleak percentage of eligible voters actually voting. Over and over again, less than half of the population forego their civic duty to participate and let their voices go unheard. As a way to showcase the reasons to vote and get more people to fill out the ballot, the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) started a design campaign called Get Out The Vote.

10,000 members of AIGA were asked to focus their creativity on designing nonpartisan posters that can be distributed freely. These posters contain visual messages that are both empowering and clever.  There are even some targeted at minorities who feel as if they do not belong in this political space. Designs for the campaign competition will be accepted through November 8, with 580 submitted as of the time of this writing.

vote 2
Reasons To Vote

In a world where Facebook sees more political action than the actual democratic process of voting, there needs to be a change. This plethora of posters cannot change the political sphere, but it may get some people thinking about their voice and the difference they can make during this tumultuous election.

AIGA Get Out The Vote Campaign

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