The Sharing Depot in Toronto lends out things like toys, power tools, camping equipment and more

If you’ve ever moved into a new home, you realize that all of the little necessities like paint, cleaning equipment and power tools add up quickly, costing the owner a decent chunk of money and time. However, Toronto residents can now borrow many of these items from Canada’s very first Library of Things: The Sharing Depot.

This borrowing trade posts works much like a regular library—it houses a number of items where members pick out and borrow items and pay late fees if they fail to return the item before the week is through. They also hold events like monthly swap meets and workshops to learn how to fully enjoy the equipment. Unlike a library, users have to pay for their membership with different paid tiers. $25 CAD a year will grant customers free access to all swap events without borrowing privileges while $50 CAD a year will let members borrow items for 2 to 4 days. $75 CAD will let them borrow it for a full week.

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