Columbia Sportswear is sending its applicants for the Director of Toughness position on a rigorous set of physical trials

Applying to jobs can seem like an uphill climb, but if you're applying for a Director of Toughness position at Columbia Sportswear, then that climb is up a literal mountain.

The sporting and outdoorwear company is putting its applicants through some intense physical tests, like climbing Mt. Hood in Portland, Oregon. The role of Director of Toughness is basically to go to some of the world's harshest conditions and test out different products to see what lives up to the company's reputation as well as share their journey on the brand's social media. The outdoors job will last nine months and have a salary of $39,000 with benefits. Two Directors of Toughness were hired in 2015 for a similar six-month stint: Lauren Steele and Zach Doleac.

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