Istanbul's new solar-powered energy kiosk will be a boon for commuters in need of a boost

In Istanbul, empty batteries may become a thing of the past. Recently, Mito, a solar-powered charging station that can hold up to eight devices, was unveiled in downtown Istanbul. The structure also provides free internet access.

Commissioned by Verisun and designed by Art Lebedev, the Mito charging station is a very helpful structure for commuters. The first of many, Mito was placed in Taksim Square near a tram station for commuters to access the web while waiting for a tram or bus. Mito also provides helpful information through an LCD screen, such as route name, tram station name, bus/tram arrival times and temperature. What makes Mito unique to other charging stations is that it is powered by the sun through its solar panels on the roof. Thus, there’s no electricity consumption from Istanbul’s energy grid.

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