Chef Turns Invasive Species Into Delicious Sushi

Chef Turns Invasive Species Into Delicious Sushi
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Creator Bun Lai is adapting strange new ingredients for his menu, which responds to the ecological impact of overabundant creatures in the local environment

Laura Yan
  • 28 october 2016

Bun Lai, a sushi chef in New Haven, Connecticut, offers strange, invasive species instead of familiar seafood on the menu in his restaurant Miya’s Sushi. Instead of a tuna roll, you’ll find wraps topped with crispy wax worms, Asian shore crabs or dehydrated black soldier flies. In the wild, these species often wreck destruction on the environment around them. The insects, which appear daunting to most patrons, actually offer more benefits than say, supermarket steak. This might be a new way to offer delicious sushi.

Although Lai’s restaurant struggled at first, the idea of using invasive ingredients might be picking up steam. Other restaurants are testing out strange creatures as edibles, and inviting the adventurous eco-conscious sushi chef to help them with new creations.

Miya’s Sushi


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