Communicate With Your Friends Using Miniature Videos

Communicate With Your Friends Using Miniature Videos

Lolpop is a new chat app that wants to replace text messaging for younger mobile users

Lara Piras
  • 3 october 2016

The way in which we communicate has transformed over the past five years into an immediate, colloquial fashion. One company tapping into this new interaction wave is Lolpop, a playful app from the team that built the celebrated Wake N Shake Alarm Clock and React Messenger.

The way in which Lolpop works is no-fuss, which is exactly what people want and expect from chat apps today. Press a large blue button to record a mini video, or “pop” the button to spark a conversation or tell a story. When finished, the content gets sent to chosen friends and followers almost instantaneously. They can also be sent to individual friends and groups at the same time.

The aim of the game is for interested friends to reply right away, creating a hang-out style video conversation. The mini video format works well as they’re small file size, meaning they get sent and received quickly. This is important for mobile communication: it has to be fast and easy and similar in function to text. Lolpop also has an intriguing interface that arranges all pops into a horizontal timeline. All you have to do is tap a pop to play the conversation.


Founder Pedro Wunderlich told PSFK: “It’s as entertaining and dramatic as a Colombian soap opera. We are interested in creating very simple experiences that enable people to talk and goof around in more genuine ways that are just as fast—or faster—than text. People want to feel connected to the people they care about at the very moment that need arises. Banter and goofiness as communication is now favored over formal conversation. That’s why apps that enable visual creative expression will dominate how we stay in touch with our friends throughout the day in the future.”

Lolpop signals the future of communication.  It’s more fun, engaging and yet as simple, if not more so, than sending an SMS. As Wunderlich notes: “The future will be highly visual, highly engaging, immediate, and filled with creative tools for genuine silliness and expression.”

Lolpop will be launched on iOS on Wednesday 5th October and available to download from the AppStore.


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