Count Calories Simply By Taking A Picture Of Your Food

Count Calories Simply By Taking A Picture Of Your Food

Lose It! using its database and image-recognition technology to capture and streamline the meal-logging process

Marielle Castillo
  • 11 october 2016

Food logging has proved to be a pretty effective tool for people looking to become more aware of what they’re eating. This sounds like a simple solution, but logging every meal can be tedious and time-consuming. Weight loss and calorie counting app Lose It! is trying to streamline the meal-logging process with Snap It, a new beta feature that lets users take photos of their meals to log them and estimate an approximate calorie count.

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Users can pick a meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack), take a photo of their food and submit it to Snap it to analyze it. The app uses a combination of machine learning and its own database to figure out what’s on the photo. The app presents a few guesses of the food portrayed in the image, and users can then confirm the food and add more detail. For example, if the uploaded pic featured a pepperoni pizza, the app may recognize “pizza” but not know what kind of topping it had. To finish logging the meal, users must confirm the contents and an approximate serving size.

Charles Teague, CEO of FitNow Inc (the company behind Lose It!) said, “Ultimately we want to make understanding your diet as simple as Fitbit made understanding your activity. Snap It is going to give us the opportunity to reach a whole new set of users that may have found tracking frustrating or might’ve never even tried it because it seemed too time consuming. When tracking is a simple as snapping a picture, it becomes accessible to nearly everyone.”

According to the makers of Lose It!, the beta achieves 87.3% to 97.1% accuracy already, and as users contribute more images and descriptions, Snap It should become even more accurate and able to identify food and portions automatically.

Snap It is available now via an update for Lose It on iOS and Android.

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