Digital Inhaler Gives Asthma Sufferers Data-Driven Insights

Digital Inhaler Gives Asthma Sufferers Data-Driven Insights

Design firm Cardboard Helicopter is developing technology to aid patients in better managing their symptoms and medication

Craig Davis
  • 5 october 2016

Cleveland-based design firm Cardboard Helicopter has partnered with Global Prime Healthcare to create a digital inhaler that allows patients with asthma and COPD to better self-manage their conditions.

Through an LCD screen linked to the cartridge, users receive a readout detailing the number of pumps remaining, insight into the optimal moments to use the inhaler and alerts pertaining to impairment of the medication. Ease of use and functionality were at the heart of Cardboard Helicopter’s focus when designing the product. To administer each dose, one presses their entire hand as opposed to just one finger,  allowing children and the elderly a simple method for delivering the medicine.

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