Discreet Tracker Seemlessly Connects You To Your Valuables

Discreet Tracker Seemlessly Connects You To Your Valuables
Product Launch

The BlueTooth device has been updated and sized down with the help of designer Yvés Behar

Jennifer Passas
  • 18 october 2016

Initially released in 2014, Tile, is an application and RFID hardware device package for Android and iOS platforms that allows you to find lost items, such as your wallet and keys via Bluetooth 4.0 radio technology. The company that has continuously been upgrading its hardware recently teamed up with product designer Yvés Behar to create their smallest tracker to date called Tile Mate. With a minimal, clean design and smooth-matte feel the device works with a variety of items.

The Tile Mate is slimmer than Tile’s most recent product addition, the Tile Slim which was just announced in August of this year. The carefully considered design of the newest Tile product enables the device to achieve new levels of style, functionality and performance. It is truly a go-with-anything companion that can hook onto keys, purses, luggage and more.

tile mate lost remote

tile mate

The new product enables you to ring your objects with four preset ringtones or can be used in reverse to find your phone, even if it is on silent. It also enables you to locate the last place you had a lost possession on a map and notifies you if the item has been moved.

The exciting technology of Tile is far more than just the location tracking aspect of the device. What is truly remarkable is the potential for building a network and community. If an item is lost or stolen out of range and someone else passes by with the Tile app, it will pick up the signal and notify the original owner. This really shows the potential of the Internet of Things to not only connect an individual with their own belongings but to extend it out to a network and community of users that can offer additional service and connectivity.

Tile Mate

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