The structure designed by studio Duffy London has applications in disaster relief or first-aid

UK-based design studio Duffy London has designed a multi-purpose habitat for use during bad weather, as well as for first aid, exploration and ‘glamping.’ The shelter is easily assembled, consisting of a set of walls, floor, legs, roof, windows, hatches and hinges, and has been designed with practicality, accessibility and functionality in mind. The personal disaster relief solution can be assembled with a screwdriver in an hour.

Flat-packed for compactness, a standard transit van can fit roughly 35 shelters, and a fully-built unit doubles as a caravan trailer. Within a single habitat, users will enjoy an insulated roofline to help regulate internal temperatures, a thin bed and a shelf. Two adults can fit within a single unit, and though it does look like it gets a bit cramped in there, it's also built to last.

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