The new peer-to-peer network helps growers connect across 32 states

Some of the best entrepreneurial ideas involve fusing the old and the new. In this specific case, Farmer Business Network (FBN) is a network with one goal in mind: assisting farmers. FBN, a startup funded by GV and Campbell's Soup venture sector, is collecting important data on farming conditions, aggregating the data and then running virtual crop trials.

The whole point is to have a reliable source of information that farmers can go to. By sharing agronomic data, the information produced can be utilized to make important decisions on every aspect of agriculture. For example, it can help a farmer increase yields on a type of crop or even reveal how much other farmers are paying suppliers, giving all members the power to negotiate. Each new member pays $500 a year and shares data on his or her farm, creating even better data and analytics for everyone to benefit from. All the data collected is anonymous.

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