A campaign highlights how hard it can be to spot addiction, especially in young people, even in a world when all eyes are on you

Instagram can glamorize the kind of partying lifestyle that can put a person at risk, both in terms of their health and their safety, as well as enable addiction. One Instagram account is looking to make that point with a little stealth and a lot of glam.

Louise Delage appeared on the photo sharing platform on August 1, 2016 and accrued over 55,000 followers in two months time thanks to her chic Parisian adventures. However, the photos that earned the mystery woman 50,000 likes all had one thing in common: Louise is always holding a drink. That's right, the rising Instagram star has a serious drinking problem that had gone unnoticed by many of her fans. But the truth is that there is no Louise Delage; she is an invention of agency BETC and production company Francine Framboise for Addict Aide, a French organization dedicated to helping people deal with alcoholism.

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