Customers can get gas for $3 to $5 per delivery, plus the price of fuel

Bentley has joined forces with U.S.-based startup Filld to offer Bentley owners in California a way to order fuel for their vehicle from their smartphone.

Filld's app-based service will allow Bentley customers to choose a time when they would like their gas to be delivered and pay a $3 to $5 delivery charge on top of the price of fuel. Gas is delivered in the middle of the night during weekdays, to minimize the inconvenience to customers.

Filld employees are able to remotely open locked fuel caps on users' cars, so customers do not need to be awake or present when deliveries take place. Bentley owners who take advantage of the service are billed through the Filld for Bentley app for their gas deliveries, much like ride-sharing companies such as Uber or Lyft use cashless apps to make for smoother transactions.

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