Director David Wilson takes viewers on a journey of the benefits and ultimate deficiencies of replacing human interaction with robots

As artificial intelligence develops in form and function, companion robots are growing in usage as a means of coping with loneliness. But in B.E.N., it becomes clear they are no substitute for human compassion.

The short film, created by British director David Wilson, tackles the issue of solitude with a minimalist aesthetic and a nuanced understanding of how it feels to suddenly find yourself alone (as depicted in the movie by the newly-widowed Claudine).

Charity organization Society of Saint Vincent de Paul commissioned the work, focusing the message on its central tenet of donating time to help those in need versus simply donating money. “I wanted people to walk away with a seed in their mind of volunteering,” Wilson told It’s Nice That, “but also a reminder that those most vulnerable often don’t know how to ask for help.”

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